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Need help getting your home or property connected to Sewer? We can help. As Council Certified Drainlayers, we can connect your property to existing services or create a new Council connection. Give us a call and let's get things started.

Building a new home or connecting an existing house to Council sewer network? 

In Whangarei, there are commonly FIVE  types of new sewer connection scenarios we come across. The type of sewer connection you require, will probably fall into one of these categories:

1. New House connecting to existing Council / Public Sewer Connection

Building a new house on a site with an Existing Council Sewer Connection? Your Plans and Building Consent Application will include the connection to Council sewer as part of your building consent.

Send through your consented plans and we will arrange a site visit and fixed price quote.

2. New House but there is NO Council/Public Sewer connection

We come accross this situation frequently during small subdivisions, particularly when home owners are looking to subdivide or add a minor dwelling to their existing section.

As properties usually only have one sewer connection, we will need to create an additional connection on the Council Main sewer network.

Only Council Registered Drainlayers can work on Council / Public Sewer mains. This maintains the integrity of the Council Sewer system and ensures we are all meeting a strict standard of work.

3. New House with a pressure sewer connection

Some of the Council sewer network consists of a pressurised line, particulary in the Ruakaka and One Tree Point regions.  This means that when we connect your new house to the public sewer network, it needs to include a pressure sewer pump. This can add to the cost of your sewer connection, so please check this during your pre-purchase due dilligence period.

4. New House without access to Council / Public Sewer main

In this situation, your home will need its own Onsite Wastewater Treatment System. This will consist of a Primary or Secondary treatment tank and disposal fields. There are a number of available options when it comes to Onsite Wastewater Systems. This will depend on your site,  household occupancy and (sometimes) preferences.

5. Existing house moving from a Septic Tank to Council / Public Sewer main

Many older homes in Whangarei, have been on septic tank for awhile and as we see many of these systems start to fail (they have a useby date), Homeowners are choosing to connect to the Council Public sewer network. If there is a connection available, then the process is quite simple.

In some instances,we may need to create a sewer connection for the property. This will require an Engineer to draw up some plans. Let us know if you’d like us to guide you through the process.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Sewer Connection Process Take?

Building consent applications take around 21 working days once submitted. We will book your job in when you submit the application so you don’t lose your place in the queue. As soon as your building consent is approved, we can move pretty quickly to get you connected.  Most sewer connections are completed within a day, so downtime without a toilet is minimal. We try and limit the actual ‘Out of service’ time to a few hours to avoid as much inconvenience as possible.

How much does a new Sewer Connection Cost?

I know it is annoying to get told this, but – it really does depend. Sewer connections are very site specific. An extremely small, no issues sewer connection (on the drainage side of things) could require a large Council Connection fee, traffic management and a pressure pump. If you are looking for an estimate, give us a call or send us am email with a little info on the property.

Can I connect my house to the Council Sewer?

Firstly you need to find out if THERE IS a sewer connection for your property. There are a couple of Ways to find out whether your home or new section is ready to Connect to the Council sewer network:

  1. Give the Whangarei Council a call or login to their GIS Mapping system which shows all utility pipework for Whangarei properties.
  2. Take a walk around your section and look for the red wooden peg (this should be located at the boundary of your property). When in doubt – Call Council.

Often the Sewer connection is buried or not quite where it should be. On our initial site visit we can help you assess where the connection is and how to expose it.

I’m Subdividing my property and need a new Sewer connection?

As Council Registered drainlayers, we can install your new Sewer connection for your subdivision. This falls under ‘Public or commercial drainage’ and only a few Whangarei drainlayers can completed this work. The process will involve a new Public Utilities application. Once you have this approved, we can get started installing your new services. Give us a call for a fixed price quote.

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Wayne Jecentho
Wayne Jecentho
Highly recommend the team at Woods Plumbing and Drainage. We had a new septic system designed by Carey and installed by Zane’s team. The whole process was well communicated and executed. A pleasure to deal with and very professional. Cheers guys.
Nicki Burgess
Nicki Burgess
We are so happy with the job Zane and his team did connecting our property to town sewage. Fast, very efficient and tidy. 100% recommend Woods Plumbing. Andrew Youngs & Nicki Burgess
Eileen Hales
Eileen Hales
Very happy to recommend and place a favourable review for Woods Plumbing & Drainage. Zane and his team sorted our drainage problems quickly and efficiently. He liaised with council and other contractors. Very happy with result and thanks Zane
Zane and his team shifted a sewer line across our build site and set up installation for our build. They were great to deal with, and worked in well with the other contractors. Zane went the extra mile to make sure that everything worked seamlessly with the Council. We can't recommend Woods Plumbing and Drainage highly enough!
Iain Robertson
Iain Robertson
Zane and his team did a fantastic job of installing all the drainage on our extension project. They were polite, efficient, pleasant to work with, communicated with me very well to adjust things as we went along and finally left the site veery tidy. I also thought the price was very reasonable for a top notch job. Would highly recommend them for your drainage needs.
Betsy Duncan
Betsy Duncan
We enjoyed our recent dealings with Zane to convert our septic to main sewer. Zane took charge of all the dealings with Council for us, the job ran efficiently and smoothly. Zane and his team were very polite, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. We would definitely use their services again in the future.
Judy Harrison
Judy Harrison
Very happy with the drainage job Zane and his team did for us - the site was left neat and tidy on completion - thank you
Aaron Kennedy
Aaron Kennedy
Great company to work with.
Glen McKenzie
Glen McKenzie
Excellent. Same day service.